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Studio Private Lessons

Would you like to learn the Argentine Tango at your own pace, with personalized detailed attention to technique, foot work and style! We offer variety of private lesson options that will meet your complex schedule and time requirements.


For more information, please Anthony at info@tangoduos.com.


Studio Private Lesson

We offer studio private lessons in two locations in the Washington DC Metro area. Our Studio Private Lesson rates are per hour(60 minutes).

We offer private lessons at the following locations.

Venue:       Dance Studio Lioudmila (Alexandria)

                 18 Roth Street 2nd Floor

                 Alexandria, VA 22314


The rates are per hour:

Number of Lesson Rate per hour
1 $60
2 - 4 $58
5 + $55

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One Hour Private Lesson

5 One Hour Studio Private Lessons


In-Home Private Lessons

Avoid local traffic issues, parking woes and reduce your

gas expenses by scheduling a Argentine Tango Private

lesson at your residence! In Home Private Lesson rate

is $65 per hour.


The rates for In-Home Private Lesson:

Number of Lesson Rate per hour
1+ $65

info@tangoduos.com 301.806.1510